You’re Doing It Wrong: How To Book Cheap Flights

If you have often wondered how people get their trips so freaking cheap, you're probably doing it wrong. There is a right way and wrong way on how to book cheap travel. Many people don't realize how time-consuming it is to book travel. When you were looking for the cheapest travel ever, you often miss it because of the fact that you might be booking on the wrong days. We've got some amazing tips and tricks on how you can book cheap travel in a jif without breaking the bank.


The Ultimate AirFare

Many people pay an extortionate price when booking the ultimate airfare. That's because of the fact that they don't understand what days they should book on.  When you were booking flights there is definitely a time of day and day that you should book every week. For instance, looking on Sunday through Tuesday night are the best days to find the cheapest flights. That's because most people are booking on the weekend when they have time to look for flights. Airlines often capitalized on these search engine history is. Also, when you want to save you should go with an economy airline that offers you deep discounts. Airlines like Allegiant Air often advertised low price fares. Also, if you click on the link provided here you'll be taken to a page where you can find discount codes and promo codes for Allegiant Air. These promo codes can often get you up to 70% off of the retail price. Now that's some serious savings when it comes to cheap travel.


How To Get Free Perks

Ask and you shall receive. The best way to get free perks on an airline without joining their club or miles, it's a simply be nice to the staff. Being nice to staff goes a long way. I once got a $300 seat upgrade just by asking an attendant if they were flying with us today. That's because of the fact that everyone in the line we're being so rude to all of the people checking the guests in. When you are nice it really goes a long way when it comes to flying. People are so rude about baggage, lost baggage, baggage that doesn't fit on the plane when it should, and often take it out on the flight attendants. Flight attendants are your best friend when it comes to getting free perks like extra snacks and even a glass of wine. Just remember to be nice next time it comes to saving on airfare.


Another freebie tip we have for you when it comes to finding cheap airfare it's a definitely book an economy airline that includes baggage. These days so many airlines charge for extra baggage that it's best to look at the difference between flights. For instance, if one Airline doesn't charge you for baggage, and the other does and the flights are the same price you are definitely going to say if when you book the flight that doesn't charge for baggage.


Full Guide: All Things Online Travel Coupons

When it comes to all things online travel coupons we have a full guide for you. We've broken it down into sections in order to help you better understand how to search flights, use coupon codes to book flights, as well as rental cars, and booking hotels for cheaper than average. When it comes to going out of town, hitting the open road, or simply booking a weekend getaway we have all of the advice for you. In order to book your travel for less, you should check out the information below.


The Best Way To Search Flights

Many people simply do a basic search on Google for flights. That can often be a horrible way to book a flight. Sometimes Airlines often publish last minute really expensive flights just to get you to book thinking that is the cheapest option. The best way to actually search flights is to do so by searching several different websites. Many different websites can offer you different options. However, the best websites are often found on Groupon offers you coupon codes for many different airlines that really show you exactly what you were getting. For instance, Allegiant Air is an already cheap airline, and you can save even more when you copy one of the awesome coupon codes on for Allegiant Air.


Booking Flights Using Coupon Codes

When you book flights using coupon codes on Groupon even often save up to 70% off of the retail price. Many airlines don't disclose this when they offer you already cheap flights. The best way to book is too obviously book the cheapest airline and use a coupon code. However, you should check to see what their baggage fees are. Many airlines in the United States charge you automatically for extra bags. There are a few airlines that do include bags and meals in their purchase price.


How To Find Rental Cars For Less

If you are the kind of person who isn't really into flying, or you have a short drive to your destination renting a car can be a great way to save a few bucks. it's also a great way to save yourself from wear and tear on your own vehicle. Many people rent vehicles for holidays or travel options to keep from going over their mileage on a lease as well. No matter what your reason to find a rental car you can do it for Less when you book using coupon codes on There are several different car rental companies that offer you big savings especially when you book using Groupon coupon codes. They will prompt you where to put the coupon code and the best part about rental car companies at that you can double up on codes in order to save even more. Next time you're ready to take a trip or travel you should definitely check out all there is offered for those with wanderlust on